Emeril's All-Star Holiday Bash Transcript

    Emeril's All-Star Holiday Bash is an hour-long episode where Mr. Lagasse gets several of the Food Network's stars to come over to the Food Network set to cook a special holiday meal.

    Unfortunately, Alton's appearance seems to be only a bit piece. The main gist of it was that Alton had sent Mario a fruitcake last year. Mario who couldn't attend Emeril's shindig and who had forgotten he was in charge of the Tiramisu, sent Alton's Fruitcake as a substitute. Alton discovers this and ... and that's where the bit seems to have ended. *shrug* It seemed like there was to be more, but scenes were cut to make room for the actual cooking.

    There's not much of what Alton says to transcribe from this show and would be too complicated to describe anyway.

Happy Holidays!

Last Edited on 08/27/2010