EA0919: Tender Is The Loin II

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Title Tender Is The Loin II
Alternate Title Tender Is The Loin 2
Transcript Tender Is The Loin II
Show # EA0919
Original Air Date 02.01.2006
Topics Beef Tenderloin, Grilling Dynamics, Grill Pans, Carpaccio

    Alton completes his strategy of getting your money's worth from the luxurious cut of meat known as beef tenderloin. We learn the legends and preparations of Carpaccio, Philly Cheese steak and the perfect Chateaubriand. (foodtv.com)

Recipes 1) Center Cut Tenderloin Roast
2) Chain of Bull Cheese Steaks
3) Beef Carpaccio
4) Stuffed Tenderloin
Show No. 146th
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  1. "Tender is the Night" Novel, 1934 by F. Scott Fitzgerald

  2. "Tender is the Night" Song, by Jackson Browne

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