EA1H19: Do the Rice Thing

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Title Do the Rice Thing
Transcript Do the Rice Thing
Co-Author Rob DeBorde
Show # EA1H19
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Topics Risotto, Brown Rice, Rice Salad, Starch, Amylose, Amylopectic

    To most Americans rice means long grain, white grains. But we're missing out on the marvels of short, medium and brown grains. Join host Alton Brown as he stirs up a risotto, makes a rice salad and delves deep into a mixed bag of starch.  (foodtv.com)

Recipes 1) Baked Brown Rice
2) Brown Rice Salad
Wild Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto
Show No. 129th
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  1. "Do the right thing", Saying
  2. "Do the Right Thing", Spike Lee Movie

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