EA1G18: Top Banana

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Title Top Banana
Alternate Title Going Bananas
Transcript Top Banana
Co-Author Rob DeBorde
Show # EA1G18
Original Air Date


Topics Banana, Plantains, Banana Ice Cream, Bananas Foster
Synopsis     There's a lot more under that peel than most folks think. Learn more about the many varieties available in the US and how they like to be handled. Take a side trip through plantains, learn how to make an amazingly fast banana bread and classic Bananas Foster...with fire and everything. (foodtv.com)
Recipes 1) Banana Ice Cream
2) Banana's Foster
3) Fried Plantains
Show No. 107th
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The Locations Boynton Beach, FL
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Title From?
  1. "Top Banana", Phrase meaning 'the one in charge, the boss'
  2. "Going Bananas",
    1. Term meaning 'becoming insane' OR 'over enthusiastic about something.'
    2. Movie with Dom DeLuise

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