EA1G13: The Tricks for Treats

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Title The Trick to Treats
Alternate Title Tricks for Treats
Transcript The Trick to Teats
Show # EA1G13
Original Air Date


Co-Author Rob DeBorde
Topics Taffy, Lemon Drops, Brittle

    Despite the fact that Americans spend billions a year on manufactured treats, truth is, great candy starts in the home. Join host Alton Brown as he explains the trick to treats like taffy, brittles, and jellies. (foodtv.com)

Recipes 1) Chocolate Taffy
2) Acid Jellies
3) Peanut Brittle
Show No. 96th
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bullet"Trick or Treat" - Phrase commonly presented by young children to neighbors on Halloween night in hopes of scoring sweets.
bullet"The Trick to _____" - Phrase intending to relate some 'secret' knowledge for doing something in a more efficient manner

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