EA1G11: True Brew IV: Take Stock

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Title True Brew IV: Take Stock
Transcript True Brew IV: Take Stock
Show # EA1G11
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Topics Chicken Stock
Synopsis      Some folks may think of home made stocks as culinary anachronisms, but host Alton Brown thinks they're the best edible investment in town. Follow him as he buys the perfect stock pot and brews up some chickeney goodness spiced up with a tasty jolt of science and major dose of practical advice. (foodtv.com)
Recipes 1) Chicken Stock
2) Chicken Noodle Soup
Show No. 91st
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The Locations Cooks Warehouse: Atlanta, GA
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Title From?
  1. "True-Blue" - Saying meaning marked by unswerving loyalty, genuine
  2. "Brew that is True" - From a line in Danny Kaye's movie, The Court Jester where he says, "The vessel with the pestle holds the brew that is true"
  1. "Take Stock" - Phrase meaning to take account of one's situation

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