EA1G07: Ill Gotten Grains

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Title Ill Gotten Grains
Transcript Ill Gotten Grains
Show # EA1G07
Original Air Date


Co-Author Rob DeBorde
Topics Wheat, Francis Anderson, Tapenade, Couscous
Synopsis     Wheat berries, bulgur, and couscous aren't your usual wheaty fare but then you don't see a lot of food shows featuring amnesia or kidnapping either. (foodtv.com)
Recipes 1) Bulgur Gazpacho
2) Wheat Berry Tapenade
3) Mushroom Wheat Berry Pilaf
4) Steamed Couscous
5) Basic Cooked Wheat Berries
6) Cherry Couscous Pudding
Show No. 95th
FN's Info

FN's Show Info

Interesting Fact Show was taped off set because the new set--which was created to resemble the real kitchen--wasn't ready yet.
Locations --none--
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"Ill gotten gains" - Phrase meaning wealth obtained illegally

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