EA1F17: Fit To Be Tied

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Title Fit To Be Tied
Transcript Fit To Be Tied
Show # EA1F17
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Topics Roulades, Savory Rolls
Synopsis      Since childhood, host Alton Brown's had a soft spot in his appetite for roulades, savory rolls of meaty goodness that look hard ... but aren't ... as long as you've got science on your side. (foodtv.com)
Recipes 1) Fish Roll with Compound Butter
2) Braciole
Show No. 86TH
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The Locations Cook's Warehouse: Atlanta, GA
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Title From?
"Fit To Be Tied" An expression meaning extremely angry or irritated

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Alton Brown Uncle Fred
Vickie Eng W
??? Alton Brown, Age 8
??? Aunt Ethel
??? Customer

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