EA1F12: Salad Daze II: The Long Arm of the Slaw

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Title Salad Daze II: The Long Arm Of The Slaw
Transcript Salad Daze II: The Long Arm of the Slaw
Show # EA1F12
Original Air Date


Topics Coleslaw, Cabbage
Synopsis     Alton Brown's slaw-centric guest slot on a popular morning talk show turns into a strange and wonderful half hour of good eats. (foodtv.com)

1) Coleslaw
2) Beet Slaw
3) Marinated Slaw
4) Asian Slaw

Show No. 82ND
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bullet"Salad Days" Phrase taken from Shakespeare's play "Antony And Cleopatra" Act I, Scene V:
Cleopatra: My salad days, When I was green in judgment: cold in blood, To say as I said then!  But, come, away; Get me ink and paper: He shall have every day a several greeting, Or I'll unpeople Egypt.
bullet"The Long Arm of the Law" saying meaning that police and the laws of the land are far reaching and are tireless in the pursuit of justice

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Vickie Eng Vickie Wong (W)
??? Suzy Dile
??? Reggie Drothers
??? Guy with Chicken
??? Councilman McDrivers
??? Paul

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