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Title Amber Waves
Transcript Amber Waves
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Topics Beer, Beer Equipment, Brewer's Yeast
Synopsis     Back in 76, President Jimmy Carter made it legal for us to brew 200 gallons of our own beer each year. Still, most of us would rather crack open a can of mass market semi suds than take matters into our own hands. Too bad, since AB says brewing at home is more fun than rocket science (if you can imagine) and a heck of a lot better tasting. (altonbrown.com)
    Join Host Alton Brown and learn everything you need to know about yeast, barley, hops and the hardware you need to bring them together to produce that most American of foods, Beer, It's fun ,easy and Good Eats. (foodtv.com)

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The Locations Marietta Homebrew Supply: Marietta, GA
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"Amber Waves" - Line from the patriotic song, America The Beautiful: "O beautiful for spacious skies / For amber waves of grain, ..."

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