EA1F09: Choux Shine

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Title Choux Shine
Transcript Choux Shine
Show # EA1F09
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Topics pâte a choux, cream puffs, éclair
Synopsis     The easiest pastry dough to make also happens to be the most versatile and delicious. Trouble is, Americans won't make it because it's got a scary name: pâte a choux. Join host Alton Brown as he takes the steamy dough from cream puff to éclair and beyond. (foodtv.com)

1) Sweet or Savory Pate a Choux
2) Funnel Cake

Show No. 79TH
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The Locations Great Smoky Mountain Railway: Dillsboro, NC
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"Shoe shine", to polish one's shoes: play-on words since 'choux' sounds like "shoe".

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