EA1F05: Egg Files V: Quantum Foam

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Title Egg Files V: Quantum Foam
Transcript Egg Files V: Quantum Foam
Show # EA1F05
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Topics Soufflé, Soufflé Cookware, Foam, Bubbles
Synopsis     The word "soufflé" has instilled fear in cooks for ages. Host Alton Brown believes a strong dose of science is all that's needed to get control of your egg foam. Learn the ins and outs of the cheese soufflé, and how to manage the heat in your oven. (foodtv.com)

1) Cheese Soufflé

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a) Cheese Soufflé

Show No. 74TH
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  1. "The X-Files"
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  2. "Quantum Foam" Concept in Michael Crichton's book, Timeline, for traveling through time. (confirmed in an interview with AB)

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