EA1F01: The Other Red Meat

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Title The Other Red Meat
Transcript The Other Red Meat
Show # EA1F01
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Topics Tuna, Chimney Charcoal Starter, Soy Sauce
Synopsis     A quick trip to the afterlife convinces host Alton Brown to get serious about eating more tuna. Find out how to grill on a chimney charcoal starter, how to avoid fake soy sauce, and why you can see a rainbow on Tuna Steaks. (foodtv.com)

1) Chimney Tuna Loin

Show No. 69TH
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The Locations Inland Seafood: Atlanta, GA
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Vol. 2: Hooked & Cooked

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"The Other White Meat" - Campaign slogan of pork producers touting 'health' similarities between pork and chicken, the white meat.

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Nicole Kerr Registered Dietitian
Mr. Cau Phan Cut Chop Manager
??? Fishmonger
??? Tuna Voice

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