EA1E13: Squid Pro Quo

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Title Squid Pro Quo
Transcript Squid Pro Quo
Show # EA1E13
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Topics Squid, Cuttle Fish, Woks, Cooler Packing

    AB takes a wok down by the bay, where a strange sea monster gives new meaning to eat or be eaten. Calamari, anyone? Learn how to prep squid and cook it up, indoors or out. Bet you’ve never seen a tailgate party like this one. (altonbrown.com)
    Alton finds himself catering a tailgate party for a group of folks out to catch a glimpse of a mythical sea monster. To commemorate the event, Alton prepares a menu featuring his favorite tailgateable sea monster: squid. (foodtv.com)


1) Squid Vicious

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"Quid Pro Quo" - Legal term meaning something given or received for something else

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