EA1E09: Crepe Expectations

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Title CrÍpe Expectations
Alternate Title CrÍpe Expectations: Live
Transcript Crepe Expectations
Show # EA1E09
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Topics Crepes, Teflon Pans

    Crepes are a great wrap with a bad rap. Truth is, crepes are incredibly simple, versatile, and good eats. All you need is science, a good pan, and a limber wrist. Alton performs crepe for a live audience. (foodtv.com)
    French cooking? Are you mad? AB rescues his favorite wrap from a bad rap. Crepes, in spite of that crazy upside down "v" over the "e", are simple, versatile, and incredible--if youíve got science and some good tools on your side. (altonbrown.com)


1) Crepes
2) Mushroom Crepe Cake
3) Crepes Suzette
4) Crepe Quiche Lorraine

Show No. 58TH
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  1. "Great Expectations" - Novel by Charles Dickens

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Alton Brown Mad French Chef Voice
Shirley Corriher Food Science Guru
Vickie Eng W
Widdi Turner Franco-Mart Mademoiselle, French "Tart"
??? Psychologist

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