EA1E08: Art of Darkness II

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Title Art of Darkness II
Alternate Title Art of Darkness II: Cocoa
Transcript Art of Darkness II
Show # EA1E08
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Topics Cocoa Powder, Dutch Processing, Brownies

   One strange dichotomy of the kitchen is that cocoa powder can actually be more chocolaty than chocolate. Alas, not all cocoas are alike. Get the dirt on Dutch processing, choose a few powders, then apply them to hot chocolate, brownies, and the mysterious cocoa freeze. (altonbrown.com)
   Alton gets the dirt on Dutch processing and the dead Dutch guy who invented it, choose a few powders then apply them to hot chocolate, brownies, sorbet and homemade chocolate syrup. (foodtv.com)


1) Cocoa Brownies
2) Cocoa Syrup
3) Hot Cocoa

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"Heart of Darkness" - Novel by Joseph Conrad, Movie

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