EA1E06: Oat Cuisine

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Title Oat Cuisine
Transcript Oat Cuisine
Show # EA1E06
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Topics Oats, Oatmeal, Crock Pots, Granola

    Following a heart attack and near death experience, Alton takes Gods advice and gets seriously into oatmeal. Examine crock pots, make honest granola, learn about fiber & nutrition and make the universal baked dessert topping. (foodtv.com)
    Following a near death experience, AB takes Godís advice to heart and gets serious about a food heís not too keen on. Turns out, oats are good eats, if you treat them right. Examine crock pots, make edible oatmeal, honest granola and the universal baked dessert topping. (altonbrown.com)


1) Haggis
2) Steel Cut Oatmeal
3) Overnight Oatmeal
4) Granola

Show No. 57TH
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"In Your Dreams" Horse Farm: Alpharetta, GA

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"Haute Cuisine" - Phrase meaning 'artful or elaborate cuisine; especially : traditionally elaborate French cuisine'

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Alton Brown Scotsman #1
Barbie Water
Casey Alton's Horse
Deb Duchon Nutritional Anthropologist
Vickie Eng W
Ken #1 Pentosans
Ken #2 Salt
Paul Merchant Scotsman #2
Pete Turner Soluble Fiber
Serenade Deborah's Horse
??? Bear
??? Insoluble Fiber

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