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Title A Tale of Two Roasts Also Read Celebrity Roast

   I've transcribed both the aired version with it's commentary and the unaired version with it's commentary. Some parts of both versions have the same video and so they used the same commentary.

bulletIf you have a very wide screen, then this is all 4 transcripts put together
bullet Aired Version only with Commentary
bullet Unaired Version only with Commentary
From FN.com Product Description:

Ever wonder what goes on Behind the Scenes of Good Eats? Well, all your questions will be answered with this exclusive DVD featuring a never-before-seen version of “Family Roast” along with the episode that did air on television. With director's commentary and the recipe for The Perfect Roast Beast, this DVD is a must-have for any Good Eats fan!

Item# 602681

What It's All About

    Being the self-proclaimed #1 Good Eats Aficionado, I finally broke down and purchased the DVD of Tale of Two Roasts. "Tale of Two Roasts" is in fact, NOT another episode per se. It is the original "director" cut of the Season 5 episode, Celebrity Roast. Hence, the "tale" is both cuts of the show: the one AB wanted and the one the suits wanted.
    They originally shot the kitchen scenes in one of the crew's own kitchens which, if you've ever seen a college student's kitchen, then you know what the kitchen was like. (The stove was next to the washing machine.) This kitchen was supposed to be BA's kitchen. And he does find his Blender stuck in the oven.

So, on the DVD you get:


The originally "Aired Version" (which is also on the More Juicy Meats DVD)


The director's cut "Unaired Version" of the show


AB commentary over both aired and unaired versions


34.5 minutes of the show's production, Meet The Crew, narrated by AB with a lot of interviews with the crew and their responsibilities. Between this DVD and the Behind the Eats DVD you'll get a good idea of how the show is created


3 graphic pages of Alton Brown Bio


a FN preview section, this is the same section that starts up the DVD (I happen to be in one of the clips from the Stuff It episode. Sweet!)

The first one is Food Network


One for Good Eats


One for Iron Chef: America


One for Unwrapped


One for In The Kitchen


And one for their website store

    For the Meet The Crew section they were definitely still in their first studio, the one after the house but before they bought their own awesome studio.
    AB is talking in front of the fridge that says Wake Up Little Sushi, a season 9 show, aired 8.3.2005. So, this was 4 years after Celebrity Roast aired.
    I think this would make a great gift to someone who enjoys Good Eats. If you want to know how the behind-the-scene folks work and play and wanna see a director's cut of the show, then this is the thing to watch.
    Now, I'm hoping they eventually come out with the first two shows they created for PBS which were shot on film in wide screen format. That would be way cool.

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Topics Roast Beef, Oven, Dry Aging

    A feast demands roast beast, but is the roast an endangered species? AB looks deep into the oven, comes to terms with dry aging, and proves that any kitchen can be made roast ready ... even the down and dirty kitchen of his evil twin brother. (altonbrown.com)
    As the holidays approach Alton Brown ponders the perfect roast beast, meets with a butcher, comes to terms with aging, learns about ovens & radiant heat, discovers new ways to have fun with flower pots, and produces the ultimate carnivores delight. (foodtv.com)


1) Dry Aged Standing Rib Roast with Sage Jus

Recipe from Transcript

a) Recipe From Transcript

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