EA1E01: Deep Space Slime

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Title Deep Space Slime
Transcript Deep Space Slime
Show # EA1E01
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Topics Gelatin, Gelatin Molds

    Alton is working as a consultant on a low budget sci-fi movie. His job: make spooky, gooey gelatin molds. Since gelatin is one of the most powerful tools on the pantry planet, Alton's happy to comply, but he insists on making it taste real good. (foodtv.com)
    Deep down, everyone loves gelatin. But the stuff in the box is so, well, elementary school. AB harnesses the gelling power of gelatin for a B-grade movie, and gets an A for originality and taste. Now, if they can just finish the movie before the crew eats all the special effects. (altonbrown.com)


1) Sparkling Gingered Face
2) Cinnamon Cherry Heart
3) Panna Cotta Brain with Cranberry Glaze
4) Spooky Edible Eyes (not in show)
5) Layered Gelatin (not at Foodtv, link to transcript recipe)

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"Deep Space Nine" - TV Series based on of the Star Trek saga
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Vickie Eng W, Mold Mistress
Vanessa Parker Lab Technician
??? Movie Director
??? Camera Man
??? Director's Assistant
??? Gelatin Maker
??? Crew Man #1
??? Crew Man #2
??? Crew Man #3
??? Crew Man #4
??? Crew Man #5
??? Crew Man #6

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