EA1D11: The Bulb Of The Night

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Title The Bulb of the Night
Alternate Title In The Bulb of the Night
Transcript The Bulb of the Night
Show # EA1D11
Original Air Date


Topics Garlic

    Meet the Count and discover the miraculous properties of this humble bulb. (foodtv.com)


1) Vlad's Very Garlicky Greens
2) 40 Cloves and a Chicken

Show No. 51ST
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Vol. 2: Poultry Pleasures

Where's the
Title From?
  1. "The Music Of The Night" = Song from "Phantom Of The Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

  2. "The Dead Of Night" - Saying meaning the darkest time of night

  3. "The Edge Of Night" - TV Series from 1956-1984
    EdgeOfNight.jpg (5983 bytes)

  4. "The Children of the Night" - A reference to wolves in the movie, Dracula.

  1. "In The Heat Of The Night"

    1. Saying meaning that the night was so hot that it caused one to do something undesirable

    2. Movie

    3. TV Series starring Carroll O'Conner

  2. "In The Still Of The Night" Song by The Five Satins
    InTheStillSong.jpg (15687 bytes)

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Patrick Belden Mr. Vladimir's Voice
Vickie Eng W
??? Mr. Vladimir's Hands

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