EA1D07: Puff The Magic Pastry

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Title Puff The Magic Pastry
Alternate Title Puff
Transcript Puff the Magic Pastry
Show # EA1D07
Original Air Date


Topics Pastry, Tender & Flakey
Synopsis     Don't be afraid, the store stuff can deliver the puff. (foodtv.com)

1) Salmon Turnovers
2) Fruit Tart

Show No. 53RD
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The Locations Atlanta Art Institute School of Culinary Arts
FN's Video --none--
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Title From?

"Puff, The Magic Dragon", Song by Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary who made the song famous) and Leonard Tipton

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Chef Michael McCurdy Himself
Kelly Andrews Backup Girl
Chef #2 ???
Chef #3 ???

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