EA1D04: True Brew II

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Title True Brew II
Alternate Title True Brew 2: Mr. Tea
Transcript True Brew II
Show # EA1D04
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Topics Tea, Tea Pots, Tea Kettles

    Tea drinking taken seriously and all the dirt on the world's number two beverage.  (Water is #1.) (foodtv.com)


1) Sweet Tea
2) Perfect Cup of Tea

Show No. 54TH
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The Locations Elephant Tea: Atlanta, GA
Tazo Tea: Portland, OR
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Title From?
  1. "True-Blue" Saying meaning marked by unswerving loyalty, genuine

  2. From a line in Danny Kaye's movie, The Court Jester where he says, "The vessel with the pestle holds the brew that is true"

  1. "Mr. T." TV & Movie personality (notably in The A Team and Rocky III)
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