EA1C14: Behind the Bird

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Title Behind the Bird
Alternate Titles The Remains of the Bird
Transcript Behind the Bird
Show # EA1C14
Original Air Date


Topics Turkey Leftovers, Sandwich Making, Toasters

    How long after Thanksgiving can you live on leftovers?  Food Expert, Alton Brown shows all the leftover possibilities... (foodtv.com)


1) In a Cranberry Jam
2) Turkey Re-Hash
3) Bird to the Last Drop

Show No. 33RD
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Vol. 1: Holiday Treats

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Title From?
  1. "Behind the Scenes" Saying meaning those events not scene by the viewers
  1. "The Remains of the Day" Movie, Novel

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Crew Page Season #3
Stephanie Boyd Stephanie
Susan Boyles As Herself
Matthew Brady Voice Over
Alton Brown As Himself
Cybil Brown As Herself
Merrilyn Crouch Marsha Brown-Brady
Ramon Engle Cameraman
Ramon Engle Ronco
Chris Gyoury As Himself
Lee Hill Blair McGuffin
Lisa Rooney As Herself
Steve Rooney Cousin Ray

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