EA1C13: Mission: Poachable

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Title Mission: Poachable
Transcript Mission: Poachable
Show # EA1C13
Original Air Date


Topics Poaching, Eggs, Fish

    Alton must pit his poaching skills against those of the evil "Frenchman" who's plan is to contaminate the city's water with court bouillon.  AB's crack team of culinary allies includes "W" and a shady soviet scientist. (foodtv.com)


1) GE Court Bouillon
2) The Frenchman's Bass
3) Catfish au Lait
4) Poached Egg Tips

Show No. 39TH
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The Locations Mountasia Family Fun Center - 1542 HRS
FN's Video --none--
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  1. "Mission: Impossible"
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Crew Page Season #3
Vickie Eng W
Paul Merchant Field Op
Lisa Rooney Customer #1
Steve Rooney The Frenchman
??? Check Out Clerk
??? Computer Voice
??? Customer #2
??? Head Agent Voice
??? The Doctor

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