EA1C11: Flat Is Beautiful

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Title Flat Is Beautiful
Transcript Flat Is Beautiful
Show # EA1C11
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Topics Pizza, Peels, Pizza Stones

    Alton Brown claims we won't be satisfied with pizza until we take matters into our own hands. Venture through the world of yeast, lay new tiles in your oven and meet a peel named Emma. (foodtv.com)


1)  Pizza Pizzas

Show No. 37TH
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  1. "Life Is Beautiful "- Movie (La Vita Bella, Italian)
  2. "Black is Beautiful" - Saying
  3. "Fat is Beautiful" - Saying

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Crew Page Season #3
Barbie Herself
Ken Himself
Paul Merchant Himself
Steve Rooney Home Owner
Steve Rooney Mad French Chef
??? Pizza Guy
??? Yeast

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