EA1C08: The Case For Butter

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Title The Case For Butter
Transcript The Case For Butter
Show # EA1C08
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Topics Butter, Margarine, Sauce

    Alton Brown goes to court to defend butter against a bad wrap brought on by "the dark agents of industry, media and the fat phobic public."  The best defense: sauces. (foodtv.com)


1) Raymond Beurre Blanc
2) Compound Butter
3) Honey Butter

Show No. 36TH
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The Locations Land O' Lakes: Carlisle, PA
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  1. "The Case For Space" - Book
  2. "The Case For Mars" - Book
  3. "The Case For ... " - Phrase used in common legal arenas

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Crew Page Season #3
Alton Brown USDA Agent
William Schreiber V.P. Easter Operation Product Division of Land O' Lakes
??? Judge Eato
??? Dr. Johnson

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