EA1C02: Mussel Bound

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Title Mussel Bound
Transcript Mussel Bound
Show # EA1C02
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Topics Mussels, Pots, Mussel Farming

    Learn to win in this shell game. Alton explains the simple pleasures of mussels. (foodtv.com)


1) Mojo Moulies

Show No. 30TH
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The Locations Great Eastern Mussel Farms: Tenants Harbor, ME
Tenants Harbor, ME
South Portland, ME
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Title From?
  1. "Muscle-bound" - Phrase meaning that one is so muscular that one is "bound" by them—the mass of the muscles slows one down—it binds the person.

  2. "Muscle Bound" - Phrase meaning one is exercising to improve their muscles

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Crew Page Season #3
Alton Brown Caveman #2
Dr. Cybil Brown Doctor
Vickie Eng W
Paul Merchant Paul / Leverman, Lowly Apprentice
Paul Merchant Mikog
Zeb Millard Young A. B.
Tolef Olson Owner, Aqua Farms
Lisa Rooney Parental Hand
Steve Rooney Really Mad French Chef
Steve Rooney Caveman #1
??? Fishmonger

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