EA1B11: A Grind Is A Terrible

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Title A Grind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Alternate Titles A Grind of the Times
Daily Grind
Transcript A Grind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Show # EA1B11
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Topics Hamburger, Ground Beef, Beef Chuck,

    Learn to be excited when meat loaf is for dinner...and other ground beef techniques. (foodtv.com)


1) Good Eats Meat Loaf
2) Burger of the Gods

Show No. 22ND
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  1. "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste" - Ad campaign for the United Negro College Fund

  1. "Daily Grind" Saying meaning everyday work

  1. "A Sign Of The Times"

    1. Saying

    2. Song by Petula Clark

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Crew Page Season #2
Penny Lanciano Meat Cutter
Steve Rooney J. Wellington Whimpy

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