EA1B07: Crustacean Nation

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Title Crustacean Nation
Transcript Crustacean Nation
Show # EA1B07
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Topics Shrimp, Deveining, Cocktail Sauce

    Shrimp cocktail is not just for wedding receptions anymore - you can make it too, once Alton shows you around a shrimp boat and his cousin Ray's shrimp shop. (foodtv.com)


1) The Shrimp Cocktail

Show No. 18TH
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The Locations The Nautilus
Fort Myers, FL
Trico Shrimp Co
1300 Main St
Fort Myers Beach, FL
(239) 765-1828
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  1. "Alien Nation"
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    2. TV Series

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Crew Page Season #2
Alton Brown Beethoven
Steve Rooney Cousin Ray
??? Shrimper

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