EA1B06: Jam Session

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Title Urban Preservation Part 1
Alt Title Urban Preservation I: Jam Session
Transcript Urban Preservation Part 1
Show # EA1B06
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Topics Jam, Preserves, Canning, Pectin, Boiling, Air Pressure, Microbes

    Nobody seems to make jam anymore and Alton has wondered why. It is a time honored tradition, and it's easy and delicious.  Alton is on a mission to make canning common again!  Using good science and easy methods, Alton will show you how to jam. (foodtv.com)


1) Spiced Blueberry Jammin'

Show No. 24TH
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FN's Show Info

The Locations Ragsdale Ace Hardware
2940 Canton Road NE
Marietta, GA  30066
Douglas County Community Cannery: Dawsonville, GA
[sic, Dawsonville is in Dawson County, not Douglas County]
205 Allen St Dawsonville
GA 30534
(706) 265-3197
Where's the
Title From?
  1. "Urban Conservation" Phrase referring to a specific subset of what can be called "urban renewal", concentrates upon locating and restoring buildings and other structures that are judged to be historically or socially important
  1. "Jam Session" Phrase meaning an often impromptu performance by a group especially of jazz musicians that is characterized by improvisation

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Crew Page Season #2
Dr. John T. Brooks Epidemiologist
Lester Dragsted Key Master
Vickie Eng "W"
Daniel Stillman Physicist
Marshall Millard Mountain Climber

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