EA1B01: It's A Wonderful Cake

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Title It's a Wonderful Cake
Transcript It's a Wonderful Cake
Show # EA1B01
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Topics Fruitcake, Sulfides, Macerate, Drupes, Pecans, Spices, Cinnamon, Ginger, Spice Storage

    Alton Brown is out to prove that fruitcake shouldn't be the butt of holiday jokes any longer.  Watch as he shows the history and the quick and easy preparation of the unfairly maligned but delicious fruitcake. (foodtv.com)


1) Free Range Fruitcake

Show No. 15TH
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The Locations Big John's Christmas Trees
We're Nuts, Vienna, GA
Ragsdale ACE Hardware, Marietta, GA
We're Nuts
1315 Tippettville Rd
Vienna, GA 31092
Ragsdale Ace Hardware
2940 Canton Road NE
Market Square
Marietta, GA  30066
The Spice House
1941 Central Street
Evanston, Illinois
Where's the
Title From?
"It's A Wonderful Life" Movie

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Crew Page Season #2
Merrilyn Crouch Marsha Brown
Deborah Duchon Nutritional Anthropologist
Brad Ellis Pecan Grower
Elliot Ellis Pecan Grower
Vickie Eng W
Patty Erd Spice Merchant
Paul Merchant as himself
Steve Rooney The Mad Chef
"Ma" Mae Skelton Ma Mae
??? Marketing Weasel

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