EA1405H: Age of Asparagus

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Spear of Influence
Age of Asparagus

Yes, this show has two titles. The fridge starts with the first one, but then after a text fact, it switches to the other one. Then, about 1/2 way through, it changes back. Sources confirm that the 2nd title was thought up during production and the switch was made, but no effort to go back and reshoot the scenes. Age of Asparagus is the official title..
Transcript Age of Asparagus
Show # EA1405H
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Topics Asparagus, Tureen, Folate, Quark
Synopsis     Everything you never knew you wanted to know about procuring, preserving, and presenting the first vegetable of the season: asparagus. Buying, storing, and cooking are investigated as well as the science behind that...um...funny smell. (foodnetwork.com)
Recipes 1) Roasted Asparagus
2) Asparagus Terrine
3) Steamed Asparagus
Show No. 230th
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The Locations Woodland Gardens
1355 Athens Rd
Winteville, GA 30683
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Title From?
"Age of Aquarius"
  • the current or new age in the astrological cycle
  • an album by The 5th Dimension

"Sphere of influence", those things around an object or idea that affect it in some way.

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