EA1214: Pantry Raid X

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Title Pantry Raid X: Dark Side of the Cane
Transcript Pantry Raid X: Dark Side of the Cane
Show # EA1214
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Topics Molasses, Brown Sugar, Sugar Cane, Pennsylvania Dutch, Alkaline Aqueous Solution, Sucrose, Fructose
Synopsis     Long before refined sugar, molasses was the sweetener of choice. Join host Alton Brown as he digs deep in the pantry to resurrect this historic and versatile syrup. (foodnetwork.com)
Recipes 1) Molasses Coffee Marinated Pork Chops
2) Shoo-Fly Pie
3) Boston Brown Bread
4) Homemade Dark Brown Sugar
Show No. 205th
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Where's the
Title From?
Pantry Raid series, see Pantry Raid I
"Dark Side of the Force", Star Wars reference (if you don't know what it means, you were born before 1930 or are less than 2 years old)
"Dark Side of the Moon", Pink Floyd Album
Youtube Part 1   Part 2

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