EA1212: Rise of the Rhizome

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Title Rise of the Rhizome
Alternate Title Ginger: Rise of the Rhizome
Transcript Rise of the Rhizome
Show # EA1212
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Topics Ginger, Gingerbread Man, Rhizome, Gingerol, Vomitron
Synopsis     When a fairy tale figure seeks host Alton Brown s help in spicing up his personality, it leads to the exploration of that zesty rhizome ginger. (foodnetwork.com)
Recipes 1) Candied Ginger
2) Ginger Snaps
3) Ginger Ale
Show No. 202nd
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The Locations --none--
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Title From?
"Rise of the _________", common phrase probably made popular in sci-fi movie titles meaning something is becoming more prominent or in charge
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