EA1207: Et Tu Mame

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Title Et Tu Mame
Transcript Et Tu Mame
Show # EA1207
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Topics Edamame, Magnetron, Samuel Bowen, Proteins, Amino Acids, Miso
Synopsis     That culinary chameleon the soy bean turns up as edamame when host Alton Brown takes it from the sushi bar and into the kitchen. (foodnetwork.com)
Recipes 1) Basic Edamame
2) Dry Roasted Edamame Brittle
3) Edamame Dip
Show No. 197th
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The Locations Riverview Farms
954 White Graves Road
Ranger, Georgia
Where's the
Title From?
"Et Tu, Brute?", Latin quote meaning, "You too, Brutus?" noted mostly in Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar, and reputed to be Caesar's final dying words.
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