EA1204: Tuna, Surprise

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Title Tuna, Surprise
Transcript Tuna, Surprise
Alternate Title Tuna, Surprise!
Show # EA1204
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Topics Tuna, Skipjack, Albacore, Mercury, Nicholas Appert, Pierre Durand, Canning, Ventresca,
Synopsis     An animated icon visits host Alton Brown and challenges him to raise the bar on canned tuna beyond the usual casserole or tuna salad sandwich. (foodnetwork.com)
Recipes 1) Tuna Croquette
2) Tuna Dressing
3) Tuna Salad Undone
Show No. 193rd
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"Tuna surprise", dish containing tuna and 'mystery ingredients' to make it edible
Youtube Part 1   Part 2

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