EA1114: Cran Opening

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Title Cran Opening
Transcript Cran Opening
Show # EA1114
Original Air Date

12.08.2008 in the US
05.26.2008 (maybe) in Canada

Topics Cranberries, Peg Leg John, Pectins, PAC, Proanthocyanidins, Granita,
Synopsis     Host Alton Brown takes us from the bog to the bar as he explores the many uses of that all-American super fruit, the cranberry. (foodnetwork.com)
Recipes 1) Fresh Cranberry Cosmo
2) Cranberry Granita
3) Cranberry Sauce
Show No. 201st
FN's Info

FN's Show Info

The Locations Decas Cranberry Company
4 Old Forge Drive
Carver, MA 02330
Tel 508.866.8506
Fax 508.866.9020
Where's the
Title From?
"Grand Opening", phrase meaning the hoopla surrounding the beginning of a new establishment
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Part 1   Part 2

Note     Food Network Canada aired this episode 7 months before it aired in the USA. The episode was taped during the Cranberry season (September-October) of 2007. By the time it was edited in 2008, Food Network decided to hold it until the Thanksgiving season (I was told). However, it didn't air until a couple of weeks afterward. The show was posted on the internet (Youtube.com) and hence seen and transcribed in late June, 2008 by those of us south of the border. Thank you, internet!
    This makes the cranberry episode the 2nd one to have aired out of season (Behind the Eats, season 9 is the other one). It also made the Baklava episode the 200th show instead of the Creole episode. Se la vie.

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