EA1110: Dill-icious

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Title Dill-icous
Transcript Dill-icious
Co-Author Rob DeBorde
Show # EA1110
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Topics Cucumber, Pickles, Fermentation, Dill
Synopsis     Join host Alton Brown as he helps a humble cucumber fulfill its culinary destiny of becoming a pickle. (foodtv.com)
Recipes 1) Deep-Fried Pickles
Dill Pickles
3) Kookickles (Recipe from show below)
Show No. 179th
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Koolickle Recipe from Show

1 Gallon Jar Dill Pickles

1. Drain dill pickles reserving the liquid.
2. Slice the pickles in half lengthwise.

2 Packages Unsweetened Cherry Drink Mix
1 Pound Sugar (about 2-1/3 cups)

3. Add drink mix and sugar to the brine and stir until
4. Return the brine and pickles to the jar. Store in the
    refrigerator for 1 week.

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