EA1020: Pickled Pink

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Title Pickled Pink
Alt Title Corn The Beef
Transcript Pickled Pink
Co-Auther Rob DeBorde
Show # EA1020
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Topics Corn Beef
Synopsis     Join Alton Brown as he makes a traditional corned beef to rival any deli serving originating in New York City. From selecting the proper cut of meat to pickling or "corning" it, Alton will serve two classic applications: corned beef and cabbage, and corned beef hash. (foodtv.com)
Recipes 1) Corned Beef
2) Corned Beef and Cabbage
Corned Beef Hash
Show No. 169th
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The Locations Atkins Apothecary
30 S Fairground St SE
Marietta, GA
Jonny MacCracken's Celtic Firehouse Pub
15 Atlanta St
Marietta, GA 30060

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Title From?
"Tickled Pink", phrase meaning to be greatly pleased

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