EA1012: Major Pepper

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Title Major Pepper
Transcript Major Pepper
Coauthor Rob DeBorde
Show # EA1012
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Topics Pepper, Pepper Mills
Synopsis     If salt is a culinary superhero, does that make pepper its sidekick? Or is there more to the peppercorn than meets the eye? After all, most history books place pepper front and center in discussions of commerce, exploration, culture and cuisine. Join Alton Brown as he takes a closer look at the king of spices, goes in search of the perfect peppermill, and examines the peculiar (but delicious) properties of pepper's essential oils.  (foodtv.com)
Recipes 1) 4-Pepper Deviled Eggs
2) Black Pepper Mango Sorbet
3) Slow Cooker Pepper Pork Chops
Pepper Vodka
Show No. 162th
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