EA1010: Pop Art

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Title Pop Art
Alternate Title Pop Culture
Transcript Pop Art
Show # EA1010
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Topics Popcorn, Popcorn Salt, Salt Shaker
Synopsis     No foodstuff screams American "pop" culture as loudly as popcorn. So why is it that modern movie popcorn tastes more like butter-flavored packing material than actual corn? AB takes a trip to the past to uncover the origins of the tasty treat, reveals the best corn for the job, and leaves no kernel unpopped in his search for the perfect popper. (foodtv.com)
Recipes 1. Savory Herb Popcorn
2. Perfect Popcorn
Slacker Jacks
Show No. 161th
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The Locations The Plaza Theater
1049 Ponce De Leon Ave
Atlanta GA. 30306
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Title From?
  1. "Pop Art" a visual artistic movement that emerged in the late 1950s in England and the United States.
  2. "Pop Culture" term relating to what is "popular" usually with the youth of the times

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