EA1A13: Art of Darkness

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Title Art of Darkness
Transcript Art of Darkness
Show # EA1A13
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Topics Chocolate, Cacao, Folding Technique, Theobroma cacao, Seizing

    Alton Brown delves into the dark world of chocolate, picks a pod, roasts some beans, questions mysterious guests, visits his shrink, makes a mousse and hits upon the ultimate chocolate recipe. (foodtv.com)


1) Chocolate Mousse
2) Chocolate Lava Muffins

Show No. 13TH
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The Locations

Georgia Botanical Gardens

Scharffen Berger Chocolate

Where's the
Title From?
"Heart of Darkness" - Novel by Joseph Conrad, Movie
Youtube Part 1   Part 2

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Crew Page Season #1
Kenny Alfonso William Jefferson Wonka
Caroline Connell Dietitian
Shirley O. Corriher Food Scientist
John Gregario Psychiatrist
Robert Steinberg Chocolate Maker

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