EA1A09: A Bowl of Onion

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Title A  Bowl of Onion
Transcript A Bowl of Onion
Show # EA1A09
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Topics Onion, French Onion Soup, Electric Skillet, Terroir, Vidalia, Cutting Onions, Bouquet Garni

    Host Alton Brown journeys to the center of the onion.  After rediscovering a kitchen classic, and debunking the mythology of tear-free onion cutting, he emerges with a darned fine bowl of soup. (foodtv.com)


1) French Onion Soup

Show No. 9TH
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"A bowl of cherries" - Saying, as in "Life's like a bowl of cherries"
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Shirley O. Corriher Food Scientist
John Crow Yumion
Barbie Doll Barbie
Ken Doll Ken
Deborah Duchon Anthropologist
Steve Rooney Jacque & Mad French Chef

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