EA1A08: Gravy Confidential

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Title Gravy Confidential
Transcript Gravy Confidential
Show # EA1A08
Original Air Date


Topics Gravy, Roux, Colloids, Starch, Saucier, Mother Sauces

    Don't miss the (gravy) boat as host Alton Brown (armed with the right pan and whisk for the job) conquers "rouxs" and leads the way to lump free liquid love. (foodtv.com)


1) Gravy from Roast Drippings
2) Sawmill Gravy
3) White Roux 

Show No. 8TH
FN's Info

FN's Show Info

The Locations Silver Skillet Diner
Where's the
Title From?
  1. "L. A. Confidential" Movie
  2. "_______ Confidential" Ending to various true-crime and gossip magazines in the 1950s
  3. "High School Confidential" Movie (1958)
Youtube Part 1   Part 2

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Crew Page Season #1
Alton Brown Buffet Maximus
Alton Brown Englishman
Alton Brown Pilgrim
Shirley O. Corriher Food Scientist
Vickie Eng W
Bob Kaphen Gravy Maker #1
Tiffany Parker Gravy Maker #2
Lisa Rooney Indian
Steve Rooney Mad French Chef
??? Caveman

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