EA1A07: The Dough Also Rises

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Title The Dough Also Rises
Transcript The Dough Also Rises
Show # EA1A07
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Topics Biscuits, Flour, Baking Powder, Sheet Pans, Shortening, Lard

    Searching for the perfect southern-style biscuit, Alton Brown investigates flour and leaveners and turns to his Grandmother for a pointer or two...not to mention a few pointed comments. (foodtv.com)


1) Southern Biscuits
2) Scones
3) Shortcake

Show No. 7TH
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FN's Show Info

The Locations Restaurant Solutions Exterior shots: Bulloch Hall
180 Bulloch Avenue
Roswell, Georgia 30075

Where's the
Title From?
  1. "The Sun Also Rises"
    1. Novel by Ernest Hemingway
    2. Movie
Youtube Part 1   Part 2

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Crew Page Season #1
Nancy Bodine Woman Purchasing Lard
Ben Johnson Banjo Player
Mae Skelton Alton's (Real) Grandmother

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