EA1A04: Salad Daze

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Title Salad Daze
Transcript Salad Daze
Show # EA1A04
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Topics Lettuce, Lettuce Storage, Vinaigrette, Spin Dryers, Croutons

    Exiled to bars, chopped and pre-packaged, drenched in noxious concoctions, the tossed salad deserves better.  Alton Brown goes back to salad basics and pays homage to Caesar. (foodtv.com)


1) Veni Vedi Vinaigrette
2) Hail Caesar Salad

Show No. 4TH
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The Locations Star Route Farms
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Title From?
"Salad Days", phrase taken from Shakespeare's play
Antony And Cleopatra
Act I, Scene V:

"Cleopatra: My salad days, When I was green in judgment: cold in blood, To say as I said then!  But, come, away; Get me ink and paper: He shall have every day a several greeting, Or I'll unpeople Egypt."
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Crew Page Season #1
Stephanie Boyd Caesar Salad Date #2
Alton Brown Oil Vendor
Alton Brown Maître D' / Waiter
John Crow Caesar Salad Date #1
John Crow Waiter
Vickie Eng "W"
Doug Gallagher Lettuce Farmer
Steve Rooney French Vinegar Maker
Steve Rooney The Mad Chef

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