The Thanks

Thanks to the folks who've helped with the Fan Page.

Michael Roberts He banged out half of season 8 and all of season 9 transcripts within about 4 weeks and got me caught up. And he's done every transcript after that. Mucho bookus of thanks, dude.
Katie Proctor
Bob Flathers
Seth Bate
Jason Packer
Mark Hoy
Nathan Lowell
Jody Anderson
Jennifer R
Jon Loonin
Sue Libretti
For proofing my many mistakes in the Transcripts.

Bruce Dykes

For providing me captures of the closed caption text for transcript purposes.

Brad Foucher

For pointing out I hadn't added the much used Hand Blender to The Equipment Page.

Kathy H.

For pointing out I didn't have Marsha's previous husband on The Family Tree page.

Bryan J. Maloney

For missing and correcting info on some of the "Where's The Title From" page.

Douglas Smith

Suggestions for the page, "Where's The Recipe From?"

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