My Interview With Alton Brown

    Kyle collected questions from folks at the GEFP message board, lost the questions and then re-found them 2 months later. AB did a quick turn around answering them for us on January 15, 2004 and even added more info about himself than we asked. Here's some great insight into how AB ticks.

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  1. Hypothetically, you're about to die, but you may request one last meal. What will it be?
    bulletDuck confit. Tastes great, takes three days to make.
  2. What's your favorite comic strip? Currently? and/or "for all time"?
    bulletCalvin & Hobbes, always and forever.
  3. Why don't you get a second show on FN like all the other chefs? Is that your choice, or theirs?
    bulletThose folks don’t write and direct their shows. Actually I don’t know who’s choice it is because it’s never come up.
  4. If you could invite 1 person to dinner, dead or alive, who would it be?
    bulletOrson Welles.
  5. Is there something you'd like to include in Good Eats but are afraid that
    is contrary to it's style?
    bulletSweetbreads and rabbit.
  6. What do you order when you drop by The Varsity?
    bulletThe duck confit. It’s not on the menu, but if you ask nice …
  7. What was the one thing you learned about America that you wish you didn't know?
    bulletVoting doesn’t matter.
  8. Were you surprised the Salt Cellars did so well?
    bulletUtterly … I’m still in shock … can’t you tell?
  9. If Food Network gave you a week on Melting Pot, who would you choose as a co-host?
  10. Why won't you come back to Hawaii? Not enough fans? Too much money? Are you afraid you will get caught in another storm?
    bulletCosts too darned much … love it though.

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bulletHere are a few bonus things …
bullet I’m obsessed with luggage, especially messenger bags, brief cases, shoulder bags and backpacks. I own over 25 of them.
bullet I’m obsessed with pocket knives.
bullet I believe Listerine really does kill gingivitis.
bullet I don’t care that much about spelling.
[ed note: I corrected his spelling in this post. Sorry.]
bullet I think people are generally too fussy about their food.
bullet I don’t “get” Britney Spears.
bullet I don’t play video games, ever.
bullet I believe we need to help Michael Jackson get back home, no matter what it does to NASA’s budget.
bullet I like sugar free popsicles.
bullet I say my prayers.
bullet I believe that Bose noise reduction headphones are the best thing since
sliced bread.
bullet Sometimes I type just for the joy of it.
bullet I eat butter … just for the joy of it.
bullet I am worried … in general.
bullet I expect to be unemployed in about a week.
bullet Chefs scare me.
bullet Policemen scare me.
bullet Christopher Walken scares me … a lot.
bullet I think the greatest “guy” movie of all time is Jaws.
bullet I think the greatest love story of all time is Jaws.
bullet I’m not much of a Star Wars fan … sorry.
bullet Indiana Jones on the other hand …
bullet Sean Connery
Pierce Brosnan
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton
That Other Guy
bullet Champagne is my favorite beverage … just not with caviar.
bulletChampagne goes real well with fried chicken and doughnuts … especially krispy kremes (no jokes please).
bullet The Simpsons is the best written show on television and has been for a long time.
bullet An Audi TT would be very nice.
bulletDamnit, I like Sting.
bulletDamnit, I like Bach.
bulletDamnit, I like Linkin Park.
bullet I would love to do a cable only version of Good Eats and really take it as far as … well … far.
bullet A lot of people say the term “Pop Culture” is an oxymoron. What they don’t realize is that in that case “culture” means a germ sample … you know, as in “throat culture”.
bullet I think we spend too much money “having” and not enough money “doing”.
bullet There’s nothing like a good suit. If I could wear a suit like George Clooney, I’d sleep in a suit and tie every night.
bullet Good Eats costs a lot of money to make ... we don't make much money at all ... it's a labor of love ... and from time to time, desperation.


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