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Salad Spinner

Make: OXO Good Grips
          Salad Spinner
Model: 32480
 Price: $27.00

The Chef's Resource

bulletSpring Loaded Design (Push to Spin)
bulletBrake Button
Salad Daze

Saucier.jpg (8932 bytes)

 Make: All-Clad
Model: 9605 Stainless,
           3 Quart
 Price: $130.00

bulletHeavy Gauge Stainless Steel with a Layer of Aluminum
bulletWide Profile
Gravy Confidential

Scale, Digital #1

 Make: Salter Chrome Elite
Model: SAL3001
 Price: $50.00

bulletDigital with Tare Weight
Various Shows
Scale, Digital #2

 Make: Soehnle
Model: 11 lb Cyber Scale
 Price: $99.00 at Amazon
Various Shows
Scale, Digital #3

 Make: Sallter
Model: 1001 Electronic Kitchen Scale w/ Square Glass Top
 Price: $54.95 at The Chef's Source
Choux Shine
A Cake on Every Plate
Scissors, Kitchen

Scissors.jpg (5492 bytes)

Alton's scissors appear to be thus:
 Make: OXO, Good Grips
Model 31181
 Price: $11.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

"Cut through poultry bones with this kitchen scissor with notched, stainless steel blade. Spring enables easy cutting and locks shut for safety. Soft handles absorb pressure and are easy on your hand. Dishwasher safe."

 Make: Williams-Sonoma
Model: Multipurpose Kitchen
 Price: $45.00
bulletHandle longer than the blade
bulletOne blade is smooth, the other with serration
bulletSeparable for easy cleaning
bulletDrop forged
Fit to
Be Tied
Skillet, Cast Iron

CastIronSkillet.jpg (7724 bytes)

  Make: Lodge
Models: Various
   Price: Various

bullet10" to 12" Diameter
Steak Your Claim

Fry Hard II:
The Chicken

Skillet, Electric

ElectricSkillet.jpg (26759 bytes)

(Model shown is a Westbend for $12 as Walmart)

bullet12" Model
bulletCalibrated Thermostat
bulletSturdy Design
bulletTall, Tight Fitting Lid

A Bowl Of Onion

Skillet, Teflon


bulletBeware of Cheap Pans that can Warp or have Hot Spots
The Egg-Files

Crępe Expectations


Click Here
for Alton's Diagram

 Make: Homemade
Model: The Good Eats
   Custom Corrugated Vapor
   Colloid Applicator

bulletConstruction Materials: Box, Electric Hot Plate, Small Cast Iron Skillet, Hardwood Sawdust, Small Battery Operated Fan, Two 1/4" Dowels, Oven Rack, Two Probe Thermometers
Where There's
Smoke There's Fish
Spatula, Plastic

 Make: ???

For Fish:

bulletSlotted or Perforated
Mission: Poachable
Spatula, Silicone

 Make: Zyliss
Model: While Silicone Icing,
           Spoon, and
Price: $8-$10

Sold in many places. Here's
    one (from where I took
    the picts:

  Egg Files VI: French Flop
Spatula, Metal  Make: ???
The Icing Man Commeth
Spice Jars, Stackable

 Make: ???
Model: Stacking Bead Jars
 Price: Various
  A Chuck for Chuck
Spoons, Measuring

Per a post from Alton, he got the spoons from a antique type store in Atlanta. At one time, Cooper-Stratton Designs was anodizing these spoons for resale but their spoon supply dried up and so it's no longer available.

Pictures at left are Alton's Actual Spoons Photographed at the BBQ & Blues Fest in Atlanta, Georgia 2000

Tenderizer, Meat

 Make: Deni
Model: Deni MT48 48 Blade
 Price: $25.00 at
  Cubing A Round
Thermometer, Digital

 Make: Maverick
 Price: $24.99 at

bulletOn and Off Switch
bulletLong probe
bulletHeavy-duty clip
bulletEasy to read digital face
bulletSteam Shield
Fudge Factor

Thermometer, Probe

PolderTherm.jpg (13784 bytes)

 Make: Polder Cooking
   Thermometer and Timer
Model: #362
 Price: about $25.00

bulletDigital, On/Off Switch
bulletSkinny Probe
Steak Your Claim

 Make: Krups
Model: 287, White Long Slot
   Sensotoast 4 Slice Toaster

bulletLarge Slots (1 or 2)
bulletCancel Button
bulletDefrost Feature
bulletCool-Touch Chassis
bulletGood Set of Ejectors
bulletA Place to Coil Up Extra Cord
bullet6 or 7 Browning Settings
Behind the Bird

Toast Modern

Toaster, Retro

Toaster.jpg (13693 bytes)

 Make: Toastmaster
Model: ?
 Price: I currently can not find it available on the web.

"A toast to your kitchen. Pizzazz is not plural for pizza. It's what this appliance will add to your kitchen. Designed by Wolfgang Jonsson for Toastmaster, it is interesting art in the realm of the usual. Toaster has 850 watts with cool touch case, self adjusting bread slots, control knob and crumb tray." (

Toaster Oven  Make:
bulletLight and Infrared Heat Source
Toast Modern

VSlicer.jpg (5425 bytes)

 Make: V-Slicer
 Price: $35.00

bulletSlices, Shreds,
bulletAdjustable Widths
bulletHand Guard
This Spud's For You
Waffle Iron

 Make: VillaWare®
 Belgian Waffler
 Price: $44.99 (2006)
bulletNeed a Ready Light, Audible Alarm and Doneness Setting
bulletNo Flip-overs
bulletRounder and Heavier is Better
bulletLook at the waffle pattern: better ones are sharp, not smooth or rounded
bulletLarge Runoff Moat is a plus
Potato, My Sweet
Waffle Iron

 Make: VillaWare®
 Classic Waffle Maker
 Price: $59.95 (2006)
bulletDon't get a combo waffle iron
bulletGet metal chassis, not plastic
bulletNon-stick surface
bulletAdjustable thermostat
bulletReady light
bulletRound, not square
bulletMoat to catch run-off
bulletThe hotter the better
The Waffle Truth
Water Filter,

 Make: Brita? Pur?

  True Brew

Make: ???

bulletMore Tines for Good Starch-Liquid Integration and Smoother Sauce
Gravy Confidential
Egg Files II

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