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 Make: ACME Mandoline
Model: ???
 Price: $29.99 at Linens and
bullet(none specified)
Salad Daze II: The Long Arm of the Slaw
Measuring Cups

 Make: OXO
Model: Stainless Steel
 Price: $19.99

bullet18/8 or 18/10 Stainless Steel
bulletLong spot-welded handles
bulletSmooth Edges
bulletEasily Removed from Ring
Flap Jack Do It Again
Measuring Cup,
   Push Up

PamperedChefMeasure-All.jpg (37062 bytes)

 Make: ???
Model: ???
 Price: ???

Various versions listed here.

Meat Pounder  Make: Williams-Sonoma
Model: Paillard Meat
 Price: $18.00
bulletLarge, flat and round
Fit to
Be Tied
Microplane Grater

 Make: ???
Model: Steel, No handle
 Price: $9.99 (BB&B)

bullet(none specified)
Squash Court

Kitchen Aid 4.5 Quart Ultra Power Stand Mixer

 Make: Kitchen Aid
Model: 4.5 Quart Ultra
           Power Stand Mixer
 Price: $200.00

More info on Kitchen Aid Mixers here

bulletSingle, Planetary driven Post
bulletInterchangeable Attachments
bulletLocking, Sturdy Work Bowl
bulletSwing Up Head
bullet300 Watt, Variable Speed
bulletWide Footprint
Three Chips for Sister Marsha

LeathermanFlair.jpg (14575 bytes)

 Make: Leatherman
Model: Flair
 Price: About $50.00

bulletTools Include
bulletNeedle Nose
bulletWire and Hard-wire Cutters
bulletCorkscrew With Assist
bulletStraight/Serrated Knife
bulletCocktail Fork, Spreader Knife
bulletCan Opener, Bottle Opener
bulletLarge, Medium, Extra-small and Phillips Screwdrivers
bullet8 inch/20 cm Ruler
bulletLength: Closed: 4 inches (10 cm); Open: 6-1/4 inches (16 cm)
bulletWeight: 5.4 oz (150 grams)
Pan, Half Sheet

SheetPan.jpg (16976 bytes)

 Price: About $7

Purchased from local Restaurant
   Supply Stores.

More Info Here

bulletEdge Around All Sides
The Dough Also Rises
Pasta Machine

 Make: Imperia
Model: VLA-150
 Price: $39.95 from A Best
bulletKnob thickness numbers should be clearly indicated
bulletRemovable Cutter
bulletWidest possible
bulletLook for one with an optional motor.
Use Your
Noodle II

PizzaPeel.jpg (4133 bytes)

Make: ???

bulletMedium Length Handle
bulletSpacious Work Surface
Flat Is Beautiful

 Make: Firm Grip (select Gadgets
    from pull down list)
Model: Straight and "Y" Peeler
 Price: $5.99 each (free S&H)

The Chef's Resource

bulletComfortable Handle
bulletSwivel Blades
bulletSturdy Construction
bulletStainless, Micro-serrated Blade
bulletGet two: Straight and Y Model
Deep Purple
Pepper Mill

MagnumPlus.gif (33063 bytes)

 Make: Unicorn
Model: Magnum Plus
 Price: $45.00

Alton's Info:

Place To Buy:

Piggy Bank

 Make: N/A
Model: Ceramic Pig Bank
 Price: $17.95

    Any serious fan of pork products will appreciate this 10" ceramic piggy bank sectioned off into the various cuts of meat. You'll learn all the fascinating facts previously reserved for butchers, such as: pork butt is not really butt meat, it's shoulder meat. Wow! An informative as well as decorative piggy bank. If you save up enough pennies, you can buy yourself a few pounds of "Hock" or "Fat Back." Equipped with a rubber plug on the bottom to access your stash.

Plates, Dice

Price: $30.00 at Restoration Hardware
Pot, Large


bulletCommercial Grade Aluminum
bulletLarge Size for Boiling Pasta, Potatoes, etc.
bullet8 Quart
bulletFlat Lid
bullet2 Large Rivet Handles
bulletNo metal disks soldered to the bottom
bulletStainless Steel clad to either aluminum or copper
Pantry Raid I: Using Your Noodle

Mussel Bound

Pot, Tea

JapTeaPot.jpg (5074 bytes)

Traditionally, Japanese cast-Iron tea pots are known as tetsubin (tet-SUE-bin).

Elephant Tea's Japanese Teapots

bulletOther Japanese Teapot Sellers
Pressure Cooker

FuturaPressureCooker3.jpg (7315 bytes)

 Make: Hawkins
Model: Futura 5.5 Liter (5.8 Qt)
 Price: $80 at

bullet6 Quart Model
bulletDouble Handles for safe handling
bulletHefty.  If it feels cheap, it probably is.

 Make: ???
Model: ???
 Price: ???

  This Spud's For You Too
Roasting Pan

RoastingPan.jpg (15431 bytes)

 Make: All-Clad
Model: 9594, Petite Roti Pan,
     Stainless, 11x14

bulletEvenly Distributes
bulletBig Enough to Straddle Two Burners For Quick Browning & Sauce Reduction
bulletUpright, Sturdy Handles That Can Be Picked Up with Oven Mitts
bulletPolished Surfaces for Heat Reflecting
bulletLarge Enough for a Rib Roast or Lasagna
bulletFlared Edges for Foil Crimping
bulletDo Not Skimp on Price
A Bird in the Pan
Rolling Pin

Model: 14", Maple

  Crust Never Sleeps

 Make: ???
Model: ???
 Price: ???

bullet(none specified)
Salad Daze II: The Long Arm of the Slaw

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